You Tube Tributes and Interviews 

Had done a lot of researching about what was happening to me once it became clear that enlightenment (living with no-self) was what was going on. In the process of learning whatever I could to make sense of this odd no-I state, came across some authors who described almost exactly what I was experiencing, what I had been through and what I was in the midst of going through. Below are some of my favorite clips, which may offer you additional aid with grasping what enlightenment is all about. Enjoy!

Jed McKenna Tribute - Jed discusses his Awakening by AhabCaptn

Jed McKenna TributeTruth at any Price by AhabCaptn


Jed McKenna TributeSpiritual Enlightenment Is by AhabCaptn


Jed McKenna TributeYou are NOT a serious seeker by AhabCaptn


Jed McKenna Tribute - Death Always Delivers by AhabCaptn

Jed McKenna Tribute - Where is Enlightenment? by AhabCaptn

Jed McKenna Tribute - Another Level by AhabCaptn

Jed McKenna Tribute - Nuke Your Life by AhabCaptn

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Steven Norquist at SIG retreat 

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 Byron Katie - 'The Story Of The ONE' - Interview by Iain McNay

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U. G. Krishnamurti Tribute #1 

by AhabCaptn click here to see it 

U. G. Krishnamurti Tribute # 2 

by AhabCaptn click here to see it 


U. G. Krishnamurti Tribute - # 3 by AhabCaptn

U. G. Krishnamurti InterviewComplete Part 1 - Mystique of Enlightenment by Thinking Allowed w/ J. Mishlove

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Henry David Thoreau - Enlightened Tributes

by AhabCaptn - to see it click here


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Walt Whitman Tribute - Enlightenment  

by AhabCaptn - to see it click here

Walt Whitman TributeBurn it all 

by AhabCaptn to see it click here