The Truth About Life in pictures

by Margot Ridler

An aid for my understanding

Back in 2006, four months into my awakening process of breaking-down, clearing-out and scrubbing-away my habitual self, a visual appeared. It showed me what I had taken Margot Ridler to be was a mere compilation of concepts, beliefs, ideas, thoughts - all tangled up with feelings, piled up on top of one another, making up something like a Geruest (German word for scaffold). 

By then, so much had been scrubbed away that had previously made up the persona Margot Ridler that only the very basic, core instinctual programming was left. I saw them in my mind like heavy iron posts that remained firmly planted in the ground. It was clear it would take an enormous force to get them eventually uprooted, too to one day be free of them as well. These core structures had to do with beliefs about money, personal safety, security and financial stability. By the end of 2009, they were finally gone, generating an unbelievable sense of freedom. 

In 2010, another base structure of Margot Ridler surfaced, having to do with women's programming. This took me by surprise as I had beieved all de-programming had finished. Obviously, there was more to be dealt with to one day live completely program-free

The death of Margot Ridler

There exists a paradoxical Zen saying that goes: If you die before you die, when you die you will not die. As unbelievable as this may sound - this is what happened to me. Not dying the way we understand death but in the way this Zen koan alludes to. It is a completely erroneous assumption that we human beings are isolated, separate individuals, even though tha's how we currently experiences ourselves. It's The Greatest Lie Ever Believed.

In 2009, the no-thing-ness that had come to the fore with the dissolution of Margot Ridler was seen as All There Is. People give it names like God, It, Life, That, Presence, etc. The name is completely irrelevant because when one looks, there is nothing there. No label or pinpointing will do. It was also clear that this no-thing-ness was the source and operator of all material manifestation. Continuous, automatic thinking and feeling obscures the truth of what is truly there and in charge of our lives. Therefore, when one's sense of self disappears, it can be called death because the experience of being a person is no longer present. It's as if one has dissolved into thin air and what's left is empty vast Allness/No-thing-ness/Presence.

Scaffold to the rescue 

The first time I ever talked about what happened to me was briefly at a TAT gathering in early 2010. There, it became painfully clear how limiting words were when I tried to share what had happened. I saw so clearly how every person was funneling what I was saying through their very own individual thought-feeling scaffold, creating within them a variety of ideas about what I was saying. None of which was likely to be in accordance with what I was trying to convey since I was talking about something people's thinking mind did not have a reference point for. Since imagining and referencing are the only tools available to us when we have not had a direct experience ourselves, the likelihood of creating a fantasy in our heads was pretty much an absolute given. 

There must be another way, I thought as the apparent inadequacy generated an immense frustration. Within a few hours, the Geruest visual flashed before my eyes again. I remembered then, how helpful it was several years prior when I was trying to understand what was happening to me. Believing the visual could be of aid to others, I hand-drew various versions for the next time I talked.

New Professionally Designed Visual Series

Since the first hand-drawn ones (which actually elicited immediate enlightenment experiences in some people) the visuals have morphed several times. In 2012 and 2013, with the aid of three professional artists, I created a visual series that explains not only enlightenment, the awakening process and what life is really all about but also the two opposing movements of relative freedom and ultimate freedom.

Visuals are a perfect means for bypassing our thinking process. They assist in effortlessly grasping and integrating what they are conveying. The fascinating part about the visuals is that no work or practice is needed for lasting effect to take place. The visuals will generate from inside you, on their own, new understanding and realizations that will surface spontaneously and will take you by surprise. You'll notice intuition appear as well as aha moments and inklings about things you had no idea about before - yet, suddenly you'll have clarity where before there was none.

It's my great pleasure to offer these new visuals to you. Am certain that you will enjoy them and that they will offer much aid to you.

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