Eddie Traversa 

There was no background information available for Eddie Traversa in 2007. Found various posts by him at an online forum. You will find excerpts from some of them below. Eddie started a website a few years later. You can reach it by clicking here

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Just about everyone who has spiritually awakened and is teaching will point that the path is actually pathless or that the gate is actually gateless. Yet few really comprehend what is meant by this and it's not hard to see why. If you do the satsang rounds, or follow forums or anywhere where there is a diverse range of spiritual opinions you will hear this. All paths lead to God or the Absolute or enlightenment etc.

This is a very poor understanding of the process of enlightenment. All religions and all spiritually inclined philosophies exist to pull the wool over your eyes. Everything in the manifested universe is. The only thing of value in any spiritual text is to point you to move beyond the text and to look within. That's it! Nothing else. Every spiritual work exists as illusion; this includes the Bible, the Quran, Sutras, Vedic Literature etc. They do not exist as paths to the Absolute, but rather exist as a way of keeping you in delusion and preventing you from discovering true nature which is in fact that everything here is illusion, including yourselves.

What is one to do then? Think for yourselves and as unbelievable as it may seem, most don't really think for themselves but rather are inclined to follow a philosophy or spiritual practice that is full of holes. And to get out of that kinder garden mentality, so that you can transcend it, you have to see the holes.

Almost all religions will say this: God is all loving and omni-present. Then they will go on to say where God is not. For example, God isn't the devil, or that act is sin, etc. Now, if God is really everywhere, then how can God not be the rapist, the murderer, the sadist, the terrorist? And if God is all loving, then how can God not love the rape, the murder, the sadist, etc.

Now either God or the Absolute is either all loving and omnipresent which makes the whole notion that the bible (and other similar books) as the literal word of God questionable at the very least or that God isn't all loving and omnipresent, which still makes the Bible and other similar texts questionable at best.

Every piece of spiritual literature should be questioned at its philosophical core to see the contradictions and to see the flaws. You have to become a critic of everything, not a closed minded critic, but a skeptic willing to do the tough stuff and go against the grain of society and pull yourselves above the muck that we call "spirituality".

What is spiritual and what isn't? How can you make that separation if you believe that God is all loving and omnipresent? Because a book tells you so? Because a guru tells you so? If so then you are not thinking for yourselves, you are merely following the herd. Of course, this doesn't mean that you have to have an oppositional stance to all religions. Like anything else they exist as a projection, a part of the Absolute's imagination and in that sense they are holy. But as paths to the Absolute, they aren't paths at all.

There is no path to the Absolute or God in duality. There cannot be, because there isn't any one in Ultimate existence to walk a path, to go anywhere, or to discover anything. In the Absolute there is just the Absolute, no angels, no demons, no you or me, no universe. No right nor any wrong. This singularity is called non-duality and what appears here in the emanation from the Absolute is called dualistic. Let's repeat that, everything here is dualistic, and consequently is relative and subjective, and open to interpretation.

The way through all this is question the interpretation, and then more importantly, who is really doing the interpretation. See busting up religions and spiritual philosophies is pretty easy once you start to think for yourselves. But busting up self is a lot more difficult. It is much more difficult, because then you start to come to the conclusion that you don't exist in the way you thought you did. In other words, true nature is not tied to a limited form that you "think" of as you. Rather true nature is in fact the Absolute, which is devoid of you as a form. Formless cannot have any form in it what so ever.

So then where is a path to something pathless? Who can walk through a gate that is gateless? Question the validity of the path and the gate and then you can come to the conclusion that it's an exercise in futility. All roads lead to Maya. Think about that! I mean really think about that!  Then think about this. Who assumed that there was a road to begin within and where did that assumption arise from?


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Everyone who is seeking enlightenment should ask themselves the most basic of questions: What are you really seeking? See, most people are really seeking something other than enlightenment without realizing they are. Invariably they are seeking a better human life and underneath that sort of seeking is what is in it for me? How is this going to help me? How is this going to help humanity? 

The fact of the matter is that it isn't going to help your physical form. Enlightenment isn't about your physical form being free from suffering regardless of whether it's physical, emotional or psychological. It has nothing to do with your physical form. The end of suffering comes about because the physical form is seen to not be you. Let me try and highlight.

If in 5 minutes from now it was strongly indicated that I pour petrol over my head and burn myself alive, I would do so without hesitation and with a grin on my face and with deep gratitude. I could and would do this because my identity isn't tied to physical self and all it encompasses. The physical body itself will most likely scream as its being burned alive and no doubt will experience a lot of pain in that act. But the pain and screaming are not related to true self, other than as appearance of consciousness. That grin may well be wiped from physical face as soon as the body hits those flames, but true mind will still be grinning (metaphorically).


If you want enlightenment recognize that enlightenment has nothing to do with your physical self. It is about transcending physical self and by necessity involves the obliteration of your identity as a person. In other words you have to be prepared to die and I really mean prepared to physically die in the quest for enlightenment, because it is thousands of times harder to attain (even though you are not attaining anything) than the things above (see full thread.) Recognize that enlightenment isn't a particularly pleasant process that in fact it's stupendously hard.


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One is not living life as it happens, rather one is being lived through as it happens and between the two there is a world of difference. One assumes that you have control in your life and the other does not.


If you experienced the "love of god" then you didn't go all the way, but got stuck on the unity consciousness part which is before genuine enlightenment. Love god, hate God, spit on God it doesnít matter. All things are neither good or bad they just are. As such there is no value in preaching love. We already know love doesn't work anyway as evidenced through Jesus and Buddha and Mohammed, etc. By preaching love all they did was create division, which while appealing for the masses, it never changed the world, spiritually or psychologically. Enlightenment isn't about saving the world. It is about knowing that the world doesn't exist and that people do not exist except as a projection, a thing of the "Absolute's" imagination. Knowing this experientially, means to know that there is nothing that holds true in the Absolute (God), except that the absolute exists and even then we can not say it exists in any ordinary sense of the word. It is existence and at the same time existence-less.

You do not get to keep some things and discard others in the Absolute.  In other words, you donít get to keep love, compassion, etc..

The void isnít within you and is misleading to say so.  The purpose of earnestly looking within is to see that there is nothing within you, that in fact, you don't exist, even though you have a perception of existence. Through looking within and negating everything, including love and compassion, etc., then eventually the Absolute reveals itself to the Absolute as the Absolute.

This is the true meaning of oneness.  It isn't that we are all connected, it is that nothing really exists and the "one" that does exist is nameless, faceless and devoid of any earthly characteristics. Which is exactly what most people - and I do mean pretty much everyone - doesn't want to hear, and why there will never be a spiritual or psychological change in this world.

The emanation from God as a thing of God's imagination, includes all things, love hate, prejudice, tolerance etc. There is no distinction between one concept and the next. They are all concepts and subjective and relative and most of all illusional. The world has always been like this and always will be like this. What is more to the point, it doesn't matter that the world is like this, because what most people do not understand is - that their true identity is not of this world. To know this experientially as a lived experience, where no-one is doing the experiencing and there is nothing to experience, means to know that the human form is completely irrelevant and has no meaning other than being a collector of experiences, all of them, good, bad and everything in between.


When someone says it's like love, etc. - that's just their projection onto the Absolute and is an indication of separatism rather than a direct encounter with the Absolute. You blackout when the Absolute reveals itself to itself.  This doesn't necessarily mean you physically drop down unconscious, although that frequently happens, it does mean the mind stops working though. And when that happens, you come to know who you really are - which has 0 to do with human form. Compassion has nothing to do with enlightenment. Nor does love etc. These things come and go and pass and aren't tied to true self.

Enlightenment is not about changing the world through love or compassion.  That's is a myth perpetuated by those still asleep and who have not gone all the way.

There is an appearance of death yes, but it is just an appearance, a grand cosmic joke. It is a joke because human beings think they exist as a human being, where in fact it is God playing all things at once. In other words, it is God appearing as a human being as a projection, a thing of no substance, a make believe human being. Be clear, the human being itself is not God, it is just a projection like on a movie screen, or akin to the people in the matrix. It can never be God itself since the Absolute is formless and cannot hold form at all, other than projecting itself as the illusion of form which is exactly what this and all other universes are.

It is much like watching a movie and seeing someone getting killed in the movie. The actor doesn't really die, but pretends to. It is the same with what we call life. It is a game, a movie, where all the actors have forgotten they are taking part in a movie and believe themselves to be real, and that their roles have meaning, etc. Occasionally, one of the actors wakes up and realizes they have been an actor all their lives and that their true identity is the Absolute which is playing all things simultaneously. This awakened actor may still play roles within the world, but from that point forward, no matter what the role, it is known it is all make believe.